Planning to redesign your kitchen in 2019? Kitchens are one of a household’s most-used rooms. Considered the house’s heart, kitchens are really a place for gathering, communicating, cooking, and socializing.

kitchen renovation

You would like it to be functional as well as beautiful if you are thinking for a kitchen renovation. There are few ideas of this year’s kitchen remodel that you should consider. The pictures are from a recently completed kitchen layout in Westlake Village, CA.

The picture above is a prizewinning kitchen that I designed for FarSight Households, located in Goodwood, ON. It kitchen shows another hidden storage trend throughout the 2019 kitchen. Such kitchen cabinets stare like pieces of furniture and are hidden behind the lovely cabinet (Green Apple Kitchen cabinetry).

Make sure you trust your layout to the professionals if you embark on your kitchen styling. I’m blessed to operate with a fantastic team within beyond the company with recourses for the best contractors like Pfinishing Touch as well as an amazing FarSight Homes builder. Have your research and make sure that you are satisfied with your selected team.

  1. Remove a wall

Look for opportunities to open up your space if you embark on such a kitchen renovation. Ripping partition walls around your kitchen, as well as an adjacent room, can turn your kitchen into a whole new space. Don’t worry about thinking beyond the norm. We will take down two walls in this home renovation, creating an open floor plan, with living room, family room kitchen as well as a dining room. As you enter as well as move around the house, the interconnected rooms develop the look of a bigger space. The spaces are described clearly yet open to each renovations Canada

  1. Add the chimney hood fan or the  decorative exhaust  

It can be more than utilitarian for kitchen appliances. Range hoods are becoming a design extension and may have a significant impact on even a space. To develop a focal point as well as help break up the cabinets, choose to have a complementary material and color. We choose a stainless chimney type look hood for just a clean look in this design (and it was also affordable!).

  1. Install open shelving

Consider setting up floating shelving in their location after tearing down obsolete cabinets. Floating shelves offer areas where accessories, cookbooks as well as unique cookware can be displayed. Shelves, like in this design, can suit the cabinets and add an accent. A key to open shelving would be to keep an idea of design in mind as well as a display only products that compliment together and have a uniform renovations

  1. Use two or more finishes or combinations of cabinets

Use different combinations of wood as well as paint to wake up your kitchen. Wood cabinets, as well as matte black cabinetry   2019, would be a leader in the design. For a wonderful group of finishes, you may combine wood,  white and black. We’ve even added a gray island of charcoal. It generates eye-catching contrast, if you mix shades of gray and black to wood and white. For more details about kitchen renovation read this article!