While buying a condo, the question that always troubles one is, should he buy pre-construction condo or a resale one? To help you make a thoughtful but right decision, here we have listed certain facts about buying resale and pre-construction, condos for sale Etobicoke.

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  1. Deposit

The deposit provided by builders is significantly higher than that provided by the purchasers of resale. This is because the builders have to fund the construction. As a consequence, they require deposits as high as 15% or even 20% while purchasers of resale provide 5%. To sum up, for buying a pre-construction condo, you should stay organized to pay a large deposit to the builder.

  1. Cooling Off Period

The cooling-off period or the period provided to the purchaser to re-evaluate the acquisition is 10 days which is considerably short. In these 10 days, one has to get financing pre-endorsement and get the agreement reviewed by the lawyer. However, you can get your deposit return without any presumption in case you change your mind to cancel the contract.

  1. Waiting

Very rarely the condos get completed on the date which the builder provides. And builders own the right to do so. So, you may have to wait for a long time.

  1. Changes

One of the major problems you’ll face while purchasing condos for sale Etobicoke before the completion of their construction is, the builder may make changes to the units. He may add or remove floors, change the layout and can even decide to shift the pool on the rooftop to the basement.

  1. Interim Occupancy Period

Even after entering the condo to take ownership, you will not own it. The builder will not grant you will the mortgage yet, even when all your dues are cleared. Interim Occupancy period is the duration in which the buyer doesn’t own the condo.

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  1. Condo fees in new buildings

When you search for the fees of condos for sale Etobicoke, you will get to know that they are usually low. This may be because the new builders don’t know how much to charge to run the building. Whatever be the reason, the consequence is truly appealing. But you can expect that it will definitely increase in the following years.

  1. Registration of Condo

It will take between three months to two years for you to own the condo legally. The registration process proceeds only after the building passes through inspections and all the other practices which assign it the tag of a legal building. With registration, the ownership gets conveyed to you.

  1. Builder Closing Costs

According to builder modifications, you’ll be responsible for all sorts of closing costs that don’t pertain to resale units. Once the condo is officially registered, these builder adjustments apply to all latest erections schemes.

Here is a bonus tip. Buying a resale condo is way too easier than purchasing a pre-construction, condos for sale Etobicoke. Opting for a pre-construction condo is not a child’s play.